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Colorado Powersports Storage Maintenance Program

Are you like so many of us who already have a garage crammed with stuff? Or maybe you get nervous when the kids even think about going into the garage? Or maybe you don't even have a garage?

Don't spend time worrying about your powersport machine spending the off season in a crowded garage or sitting outside exposed to the weather and possible theft! Colorado Powersports is your storage answer!

Winter Storage & Maintenance

From October 1st to April 15th

Motorcycles/ATVs $299*
UTVs $349*
Scooters $199*
Personal Watercraft & trailer $399*
2 Place PWC & trailer $799*

Summer Storage & Maintenance

From April 15th to September 30th

Snowmobiles $349*
ATVs $299*
UTVs $349*

*All prices exclude parts and supplies.
A $50 surcharge applies to any motorcycle,
scooter, ATV or UTV stored on a trailer.

Let Colorado Powersports help de-stress your life with our Powersport
Storage Maintenance Program! At a price you can't beat, Colorado
Powersports will

  • Prepare your machine for long-term storage which includes adding
    fuel stabilizer, draining carburetors, oil & filter change, battery
    removal & maintenance and our 21 point safety check*
  • Store your machine in a secure, enclosed on-site facility.
  • Take your machine out of storage and perform Spring/Winter riding prep*

Colorado Powersports Storage Maintenance Program provides service maintenance and storage at one unbelievably low price! For example, you would pay around $396 for winter and summer prep on one personal watercraft but through our Storage Maintenance Program you'll pay $399 to winterize, summerize and store your personal watercraft! That means it costs $3 to store your personal watercraft and trailer for almost 7 months!

All you have to do is drop your machine off at either one of our convenient locations. We'll do everything else! Space is limited so call our service departments to reserve your space today.

*Call our service department for details on service work done as part of our Storage Maintenance Program.