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Priority Care Club

What is Priority Service?
A maintenance plan specifically designed to ensure your powersports vehicle has all the routine
maintenance it requires - on time and carried out by qualified factory-trained technicians.

Why should I prepay for servicing?
To SAVE $$$. We offer an average savings of 30% or more in return for your commitment to having
your maintenance performed by our service department.

What does the maintenance plan cover?
Our plan covers ALL factory recommended maintenance per your owner's manual for up to 27,000
miles and UNLIMITED FREE oil changes.
Summerization/Winterization is covered for personal watercraft.

When does the motorcycle or ATV have to be serviced?
Services are carried out at least once every six months or on the mileage/hours recommended
by the manufacturer (which ever comes 1st.) Check your owners manual for details.

Can I purchase Priority Service even if I bought my vehicle elsewhere?
Yes, all we require is that our service department carries out an inspection and brings your
service status up to date.

What if I sell my motorcycle or ATV?
Priority Service belongs to the unit and therefore may be sold with it.

I can do my own servicing, so why do I need Priority Service?
Modern engines, multi-valve heads, electronic fuel injection, hydraulic tappets, etc. have
made servicing very difficult for the leisure-oriented rider. Today, manufacturers recommend
servicing be carried out by an authorized dealer, otherwise the warranty could be voided.

How much can I actually save?
As much as 30% or more, YOU determine your savings by how much you ride!

Look at this example:

Here is an idea of the savings that come with a PCC membership using a 4,000 mile per
year average on a new Suzuki Boulevard C50 as an example for three years.

Membership Benefits

  • All recommended OEM
    scheduled maintenance
    and services for 36 months
    or 27,000 miles are covered

  • Lock in today's labor
    rate and parts prices

  • Unlimited oil changes

  • Same-day priority
    turnaround on routine

  • Winterization and
    Summerization for
    Personal Watercraft
    only value

  • Transferable, increasing
    resale value

  • All scheduled maintenance
    including parts and labor
    is covered Care Club

  • Save an average of 30% or
    more with Priority Care

  • Peace of mind

  • Convenience with no cash

Without Priority Care Club membership**
1 600 mile First Service $330
3 Valve Adjustment Services $1410
3 Oil/Filter Changes $225
Total cost to you $1965
With Priority Care Club membership
1 600 mile First Service NO COST!
3 Valve Adjustment Services NO COST!
3 Oil/Filter Changes NO COST!
One time fee $1499
You would SAVE $466

This rider, even at a very conservative rate, is STILL saving nearly 30% on routine maintenance. But remember, Priority Care is unlimited for 3 years or up to 27,000 miles! The more you ride, the more you can save!

Not all powersports machines qualify for PCC membership. Memberships are transferable but non-cancelable. Members receive a certificate delineating coverage, good for service at both Colorado Powersports locations.

*Same day turnaround not guaranteed. Must drop off unit for service by 10:00 A.M.