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GAP protection

Why is GAP protection a must?

Too often people assume that insurance companies will cover any loss related to their vehicle. In reality, the Actual Cash Value an insurance company places on your vehicle may be substantially less than the outstanding loan or lease balance. Consequently, if your vehicle is damaged or stolen and is deemed a total loss, you may be responsible for the "GAP". This GAP amount is the difference between the amount required to pay off the loan or lease and the Actual Cash Value determined by the insurance company.

Protect Your Investment!

Ask our finance department to explain how GAP Protection can work for you. When you fill out the enrollment form, you'll be choosing the protection that allows you to enjoy your vehicle free of "GAP" worry. You can easily add GAP Protection to your loan or lease for just a small addition to your monthly payment.


  • Pays off the remaining principal balance on
    your loan or lease plus your deductible*,
    in the event of total loss


  • For just a small addition to your monthly
    payment, you're protected for the life
    of your loan or lease.


  • Allows you the freedom to purchase or lease
    a replacement vehicle right away!


  • GAP Protection is available to cover most
    types of financial contracts, including
    loans and leases.

How GAP Works

Amount Owed on Loan or Lease $23,000
Actual Cash Value of Vehicle -$20,000
Primary Insurance Deductible (if applicable) $500
Total Out-of-Pocket Expense $3,500
GAP Protection Payment* $3,500
Total Owed to Pay Off Loan or Lease Contract $0

* Deductible payments may not be available in all states. Consult your lender or dealer for details

Legal Disclaimer - The information contained on this page is subject to individual state laws and regulations. Additionally, the GAP Protection payment example is for illustration only. For an accurate GAP payment calculation, please consult your lender or dealer.